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Our Services
  ‌IP Strategy Advisory

IP Management

Patent Portfolio Management

Patent Value Assessment

Special Purpose IP Creation

IP Re-enforcement/Restructuring 

IP Risk Analysis

Competitor IP/Tech. Analysis

IP Litigation/Dispute Research

Technical Standard Analysis

Potential Licensing strategy 

IP Infrastructure

Documentation Policy

IP Compliance Policy

IP Development System

US Litigation Monitoring

IP Education for IP team,                  
Engineer and Executives 

  ‌IP Dispute/Claim Consulting

Tech/Biz Negotiation

Proactive Preparation

Response to Claim letter

Counterpart Analysis (Tech/Biz)


Negotiation Strategy/                Representative Negotiation  

IP Licensing

Comprehensive Licensing Strategy

IPR valuation/Royalty simulation

Licensing Agreement

Technical Transfer/ Cross-Licensing/      Due Diligence


IP Litigation

Litigation Strategy

Documentation and Discovery

Damage Analysis

Settlement Strategy

Law Firm/Cost Management  

IP Search and Analysis

IP Search and Analysis

Patent and Non-Patent Literature          Search for Invalidity

Surveillance of Patents and                Products of Major Competitors

IP Analysis for Business                     Decision-Making 

Expert Opinion

Invalidity Opinion

Non-Infringement Opinion

Freedom-to-Operation Analysis

Scope of Patent Claims

Patent Map/IPR Prep. 

Offensive Activity

Infringement Analysis

Reverse Engineering

Patent Selection for Assertion

Claim Chart Prep.

Claim Letter  

  IP Acquistions and Transactions

IP Asset Valuation
Core vs. Non-core IP Assessments

IP Portfolio Categorization and             Market Mapping

IP Portfolio Valuation

IP Financing/Investment Adviosry
IP Sellside
Identify Marketable Non-core Assets

Potential Buyer Analysis

IP Packaging and Pricing
Best Price Strategy  
IP Buyside
Effective Buyside Strategy and     Appropriate Budget

Recurring Patent Landscape Research to 
Identify Tech and IP Assets for Acquisition

Transaction Deal Structure

Byung-su Han (CEO/Co-Founder)

 A seasoned IP professional with over 35 years of experience and registered to practice before the USPTO.

During his career, he has been responsible for all aspects of IP matters, including litigation, licensing, prosecution, asset acquisition and strategy as the head of IP departments at Samsung SDI and Mando Corporation (VP).

He was a member of Board of Directors at Intellectual Keystone Technology LLC (VA, USA)

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry from Korea University in Seoul.

Technical Field: Li Battery, Display, Automotive/Autonomous Driving Sys.



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